Unique New York Restaurants

Unique New York Restaurants

New York is known for its dining scene, but what many don’t realize is that many of the best New York restaurants are located outside of the city. Consider a restaurant like diner joes, a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Diners can get a taste of New York’s cuisine while they enjoy the beautiful outdoors at sunset. New York City is famous for its delicious dining experiences, but not all dining experiences can be attributed to greasy burgers and fries. Some of the country’s best dining destinations offer casual comfort food that allows diners to escape the fast-paced environment of a busy city. Consider some of these unique New York restaurants for a change of pace or to enjoy a special meal with friends and family.

Many New York dining establishments offer outdoor dining on their menus. If you want a break from the traditional American dinner, consider a waterfront view of New York Bay. At Silverton at sunset, you can dine al fresco and enjoy the bounty of the waterfront’s bounty. The waterfront dining experience at Silverton is a spectacular treat that cannot be beaten. Others in the vicinity of Silverton offer a similar experience in addition to outdoor dining.

For those who prefer fine dining, consider dining on a boat in New York’s Riverboat Waterway. This outdoor dining experience at the East Lake View restaurant offers guests the chance to dine at a table just steps from the water. Here, diners can relax and take in the breathtaking scenery as they listen to live music performed by an instrumental band. Another Riverboat Waterway restaurant is The Lumberyard at Penn Station. Here guests can dine at a table in the quaint dining room that includes comfortable chairs and a fireplace during the winter months.

Long Island’s enjoyment can extend to Queens, where diners can enjoy fine dining and a variety of venues. For example, diners can experience fine dining at the Ritz-Carlton, a five-star hotel that has three restaurants. Guests can choose from complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner selections that feature local produce and fish. This globally acclaimed hotel features the largest private indoor aquarium in the world.
The cuisine served in diners can also vary according to the time of day. Some diners can experience a light breakfast while others can enjoy it with a late cocktail. At the same time, there are both hot and cold selections from which to choose. The food is prepared according to the time of day so that diners can enjoy their meal from the comfort of their dining room.

Many of the restaurants in New York City are located within walking distance of shopping venues and other entertainment venues. The restaurants located near these venues make for convenient dining options. The ambiance of some of these restaurants is designed to be relaxing while others provide an atmosphere that is exciting. Take a stroll through a busy shopping area, and find an inexpensive Chinese restaurant just off the street. This type of eatery may feature dishes that are a bit on the expensive side but will still provide excellent service and a delicious meal.

In addition to the more expensive restaurants, there are also those that offer a more casual dining experience. These diners can be found in the back of coffee shops and diners that are set on a patio. Many of the options available to diners provide a choice of entrees to pair with a variety of different cocktails. A quick bite to a pizza or a succulent entree can put any diner in the mood to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Long Johns and other finger foods can be enjoyed with a sweet lemonade drink. Whether it’s a romantic evening or a group celebration, there is a restaurant that offers the perfect setting for all types of occasions.

New York City offers many unique eating environments to diners. From fine dining establishments to casual eateries, these restaurants prove that they do not rest on their laurels. With each new day that passes, a few new eateries emerge to continue the proud tradition of New York City dining. Diners can search online to discover the best Chinese restaurants, sushi bars, or pizzerias in the area.


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