Applying For New York Food Stamps – What You Should Know

Applying For New York Food Stamps – What You Should Know

The application process for New York food stamps is no different from other types of government programs. Each application is thoroughly evaluated and reviewed on an individual basis so you must ensure you accurately fill out the application and truthfully so as not to prematurely disqualify yourself. In addition, if your application for the New York state food stamp program is approved, you’ll receive the state-issued food stamps in 30 days, but in some cases emergency food Stamp benefits can be approved in a shorter timeframe. How does an individual qualify for these? They must be able to prove they meet certain requirements. Eligibility requirements vary by each state.

What types of benefits are available through the New York food stamps program? The program offers a variety of benefits including; housing assistance, transportation assistance, meals free (some programs are subsidized and others are not), and additional benefits for seniors, disabled persons, and children. Some states have specific programs set in place for children while others offer them universally. As a general rule, all children who are below 18 years old and who are members of the families with low and moderate income are automatically eligible for this type of assistance.

Who is at risk for becoming disqualified if one fills out the wrong application? Individuals who lie on their applications are at high risk for being disqualified because they do not provide the correct information about their household income and assets and/or income level(s). If an applicant overstates their income or comes dangerously close to it, the benefits awarded can actually be withdrawn. Therefore, it is vitally important that anyone applying for New York State assistance must be completely truthful on their application to avoid being disqualified and then losing the benefits they are qualified to receive.

Do I have to apply for both, or can I just apply for one? Applications can be submitted either by the individual or the entire household. If you or your spouse is eligible for food assistance through the New York State food stamps program and that person is also listed as a dependent on their own income tax return, then the entire household is eligible to receive these funds per month. However, if you or your spouse is not on the roll and you are submitting only one application, then only one person may be listed on their income tax return as a dependent.

Can my child qualify for food stamps benefits? If you have a child who is currently receiving social security or disability payments, is not married, does not participate in any other federal social security program, and has a low income, then he or she could qualify for these benefits. The child must also meet the age requirements.

Is my food stamp application approved? Food stamp applications are processed and approved very quickly. You will be notified by mail once your application has been approved. Once your application is approved, you will begin to receive the benefits. Keep in mind that you cannot receive this assistance if you are on the rolls of any welfare program.

How are benefits paid out? Benefits are distributed electronically, through the mail, or by visiting a NYS Department of Health and Nutrition office. Electronic benefits transfer can take place between the United States and Canada. So, even if you move across the border into Canada, you can still receive the benefits.

Who else in my household is eligible for this program? If you are a member of your household who meets the proper income and purchasing power requirements, then you could receive benefits. For example, if you and your spouse are both receiving Social Security benefits, or you are single and do not have any dependent children, you could qualify for benefits. Even if you are married and you have more than one dependent child, you could qualify for benefits. This is because all of the members of your family would need to meet the same asset and income requirements.


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