Famous Foods From New York

Famous Foods From New York

Let s face it; eating in New York is probably the greatest thing to do in town that does not sleep either. This is a town where you could very well eat really good food from the dawn of time until the crack of midnight. And sure, the mega-metropolis has fantastic museums and other sightseeing venues that all travellers should visit on their first foray into the city. But the food in New York actually takes first place when it comes to legendary status.

This is the place that started it all – pizza. There is just something special about New York pizza. The fact that it is made out of whole wheat crust with a hard shell makes it all the more special. In addition to the traditional red and white slice, classic new York food like pastrami sandwiches could also be ordered at this terminal.

If you want to treat yourself to one of these delectable delights, head to the terminal and grab any of the sandwiches on offer. A quick bite is what you get from New York Pizza Kitchen. You could go for a deli sandwich, a grilled cheese sandwich or even grab a New York Style pizza. There are some amazing delicacies to choose from here. Here is a brief description of some of the tasty options you could try while dining at the terminal.

Coney Island Style is perhaps one of the most famous Coney Island dishes. It is basically a dish of deep fried honey cakes. In order to prepare this dish, all you need is a hot dog and some butter. On top of that, onions, green peppers, fried onions, garlic, salt, pepper, and mayonnaise are added in order to make it all the more delicious. This can be a good option for a lunch while staying in your hotel if you do not have much of a choice with the food available around you.

Lox & Tasty are another of the many amazing New York cuisine choices you will find at this terminal. This restaurant serves some of the freshest local ingredients around. You can get a variety of fresh vegetables such as artichokes, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and olives as well as different types of cheeses, crackers and pates. Of course, if you are in a rush, you will definitely love the bagel.

Delano The Roxy is located at Broadway and 53rd Street in Manhattan. This deli offers its patrons a very unique fine dining experience. The menu consists of sandwiches, pastrami platters, appetizers, salad, chicken dishes, and specialties such as garlic toast. If you are looking for a classic New York style deli sandwich, then this eatery is the place to go to. After trying the sandwiches and other appetizers, you will surely be back for more.

Mystery Meat NY Pizza and Deli are another classic deli that you should check out when in Manhattan. With locations in Union Square, Soho Square, and the East Village, you will get to taste some of the best New York style pizza around. The Mystery Meat pizza is made with real Italian pizza dough which is cooked to perfection and then given a special sauce that includes bacon, tomato, and garlic.

Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, and Subway restaurants are some of the most popular eating places in Manhattan. Each one has a loyal customer base in Manhattan. These restaurants offer a variety of different burgers, hot dogs, fries, and other foods. All of these restaurants can make your day a very pleasant one if you enjoy your food. Of course, you should try the pizza and the burgers if you are going to any of these Manhattan restaurants. They are all very tasty.


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